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I am new to SAXS and have some questions about data processing:
I collected SAXS-data for three to four different protein concentrations. I observed, that I get better Chi-values in CRYSOL, when I do not merge the scattering curves of different concentrations.

  1. Do I have to merge different concentration curves for CRYSOL and ab initio model building?
  2. What is the minimum of data-sets that can be used?
  3. Is there any rule how to cut data in order to remove the noisy part? (error?) or for the merging different concentrations?

Thank you

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Hello @jensenbreck
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Well, it *is* a stupid SEO thing. This person created two seemingly valid (even if irrelevant) tasks that include a link to some website unrelated to the task content. I think we should block @jensenbreck right away.

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