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SNMP: non verbose error message on wrong listen-address
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This just happened to me, my setup is:

cpo@CR1# show interfaces loopback lo
 description Loopback

And I wanted to bind the SNMP server to the IP address which is not available on my system.


set service snmp community VyOSroxx authorization ro
set service snmp community VyOSroxx network
set service snmp contact 'Admin <>'
set service snmp listen-address port 161
set service snmp location 'Milkyway, Mars, Northpole'
[[service snmp]] failed
Commit failed

When checking the system log I see:

Dec  1 18:14:49 CR1 snmpd[3916]: Error opening specified endpoint "udp:"
Dec  1 18:14:49 CR1 snmpd[3916]: Server Exiting with code 1
Dec  1 18:14:49 CR1 systemd[1]: snmpd.service: control process exited, code=exited status=1
Dec  1 18:14:49 CR1 systemd[1]: Failed to start LSB: SNMP agents.
Dec  1 18:14:49 CR1 systemd[1]: Unit snmpd.service entered failed state.

Which halped me alot.

@dmbaturin shouldn't there be a generic way to support only available IP addresses on the system at all, like any +cough+ Perl script?


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VyOS 999.201712011703
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I will implement at least a warning message for the user. Enforcing proper IP addresses could break old comfigurations - or they should be deleted by a migration script and then we can print proper error messages.