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DNS cannot be configured via Network-Config v1 received from ConfigDrive / Cloud-Init
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The Cloud-Init manual says that the address field in the Nameserver configuration item type should be a list of addresses:

However, inside sources for ConfigDrive DNS entries are converted into simple strings:

An example.
Source in the ConfigDrive:

"services" : [
      "address" : "",
      "type" : "dns"
      "address" : "",
      "type" : "dns"

Rendered Network-Config v1:

{'address': '', 'type': 'nameserver'},
{'address': '', 'type': 'nameserver'}],

Because of this, our configuration handler tries to configure each character as a DNS server.

Since this is not the first time when specification and implementation in Cloud-Init are different, I think that we should just add a workaround to this case.


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Easy (less than an hour)
1.4-rolling-202301250317, 1.3.2
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Perfectly compatible
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Bug (incorrect behavior)