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Commit archive via IPv6 not works
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I tried to use this options:
and also:
scp://<user>:<passwd>@"hostname"/<dir>, where "hostname" was in /etc/hostname file and I was able to ping6 it.
But with both configurations it failed to send config.

And proposed solution

We found the solution to this:
Add -g parameter to SCP commands in file /etc/commit/post-hooks.d/ row 89 and 103. After this curl is able to correctly parse the url.
for example in version 1.1.8 it looks like this: $cmd = "curl -g -s -S -T $tmp_push_file $uri/$save_file"; (it is twice in script)


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Why the issue appeared?
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@c-po can you look into this please

IPv6 address in scp://<user>:<passwd>@[IPv6-address]/<dir> looks like not properly escaped. Should be \[IPv6-address\].

CURL manpage

-g, --globoff
       This  option  switches  off the "URL globbing parser". When you set this option, you can specify URLs
       that contain the letters {}[] without having them being interpreted by curl itself. Note  that  these
       letters are not normal legal URL contents but they should be encoded according to the URI standard.

Please wait for todays build and test again. Thanks for your support!