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"monitor firewall name <name>" does not monitor any firewall-log-entry
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monitor firewall name <name>

does not monitor any firewall-log-entry.
If we look at /var/log/messages we can confirm that new firewall log entries are just arriving....
If we use

monitor log

we can read live monitor and all is OK (except that this is an all-log monitor).

But instead, I repeat, if we use

monitor firewall name <name>

nothing happens.


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Easy (less than an hour)

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@EwaldvanGeffen please check this out.

On which version was this experienced? Cannot reproduce on 1.1.6, 1.1.7 and 1.2. Could you provide the output of sudo iptables-save? Or sudo iptables -t filter -L -nv (includes packet counters and should show you why your traffic is not hitting your log-rule).

One possible point of possible confusion I found is that ingressing local-destined traffic is not contained in 'interface <> firewall in' but 'interface <> firewall local' (as expected, if you know it exists).

On 1.2 I do receive but I'm assuming we should kick core-utils version forward to resolve.


@Ewaldvan, I've sent a screencast-link in email...

@mdsmds looks good. I can work with this :) patch