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Physical Lab
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We now got place to get up and running physical lab,
for that purpose @zts-maz sent us bunch of devices(ASA, HP switch, some mikrotik),
some other devices will arrive sooner or later from @cycloptivity
We also have som rPIs here, along with other devices like clearfog pro(@UnicronNL we got board with mmc too, so maybe you would like to take a look)
Original plan is to add also some XenServer and Hyper-V servers for testing(we already have VMware Servers)

Once i put all that together i will update this task.
Meanwhile, if you need some dev related vms(build, testing, modeling) ping me, i can provide that.


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Hard (possibly days)

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Sounds like things are coming together. I haven't sent the kit yet but if there is an existing switch it might be cheaper to just send over the SRX110 and Cisco 877 rather than a 24 port switch too?

I still need to actually find some suitable boxes for this stuff but the unpacked specs are


SRX 110


@UnicronNL not sure if it will be hard adapt boot from MMC instead of sd

@cycloptivity we will pick up some switches here(we already one from @zts-maz )
so no worries.

Is there some place, where you track current work on mikrotik port? May I help it somehow?

@mickvav there is no mikrotik port, sorry for confusing you.
or you mean clearfog port?

Well, you was discussing hardware here, and I know that mikrotiks used to be bootable into debian, so I've concluded that you are planing to port vyos on mikrotik's hardware. But clearfrog is also interesting idea.

You mean, I can order a board, take sd, put some image onto it and get working vyos on this board?


Here i have put the info for the clearfog.

Marvell hopefully will provide newer kernel and u-boot soon.

Also i hope vanilla kernel gets beter support soon.

Hm, looks like it has 1gbe port working, am I right?
Do you have your .img creating procedure described or scripted somewhere?

For kernel 4.4 yes,

For kernel 3.10 from Marvell all interfaces should work.

The image build is the same as normal vyos build, i only do not create an iso but make an image with Qemu image and make partition copy squashfs etc.

Will put it in vyos-build eventually.

Would be great - with some make target for this it's possible to arrange nightly builds with these images.

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so i bought a rack and already prepared place
should get the connection in upcoming days
we with @dmbaturin investigating how to get some Xena Networks appliance for testing purposes, this should be very useful
devices from @cycloptivity also on the way.
@UnicronNL i will connect this three clearfogs there too for testing(i hope they will do som with network offload in future)
I have also old workstations which should boot Citrix XenServer just fine

@cycloptivity your postage arrived a week ago!
So we now finished with preparation of physical location

only drawback for now is that only adsl available there, however we should be able to get fiber relatively soon.

So far we have asa, mikrotik, juniper and cisco devices,
apart from that i have RPs and clearfogs(i got 3 devices hope this will be useful @UnicronNL )
We also have Zodiac FX switch 10/100mbit with openflow support for SDN things

Hey guys,
@AG will send us some more devices
2x SRX210 HE
1x EX4200-24T
Here is how it looks now

@UnicronNL here is some photos

@AG thanks for the attempt! ;)

Hello Guys!
Today we finally installed fiber optics to the office where lab will reside.
I will start connecting devices with @dmbaturin this days,
so if you have any ideas, advises, comments, etc
Please tell!

@syncer , do you have any drawing on network topology, that you are going to implement? If you do and it's not a secret, please share.

@mickvav i don't
we talked with @dmbaturin several times how to organize it,
but actually not came across any exact decision yet
We have
1 hp switch
1 srx240
1 Mikrotik

Generally saying we had idea to share access to this devices with other OSS project who may need interop testing

If you can do a cocktail napkin sketch, I'd be happy to put it into Visio.

Well, than it seems to me that the reasonable starting idea is to start with the following configuration:

  1. make tree-like control pane topology on some stupid switch, for example.
  2. make "basic" configuration for every device, where only control pane interfaces are up and running
  3. make your jenkins or some other automated tool able to upload configuration into all these devices.
  4. make full-graph cabling between existing devices with some reasonable background logic

(e.g. "port 1 of any device always goes to hp,
port 2 of any device always goes to srx240
port 3 of any device always goes to ASA
port 4 always goes to Mikrotik)

I think you also need some x86 hardware to run physical or virtual VyOS on it, but it would be ideal if it also have several physical interfaces, so it can be connected to this system in similar way.

After all these is done (you need about 10 patch cords for "data" pane and 6 for control pane) you can implement almost any topology on this system by just enabling required ports in your configs without touching any patch cords. The only (but important) thing to think about is LACP-bound ports, if they are the point of interest also, you should double your data pane pane wiring.

Can't move this forward, since don't have idea what is needed
if there are candidates, you can pickup thisk task

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no manner to handle this efficiently at this time