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Add local-port and resolver port options for powerdns in CLI configuration tree
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It would be nice to have the ability to change the PowerDNS listening/forwarding ports in the native CLI configuration tree, as well as the system name-server ports.


set service dns forwarding listen-address port 5353
set service dns forwarding name-server 5353
set system name-server port 5353

PowerDNS will support the settings as specified in their documentation:

Default: 53
The port on which we listen. Only one port possible.

IP Addresses with optional port, separated by commas
Added in: 4.1.0
Use these resolver addresses for ALIAS and the internal stub resolver. If this is not set, /etc/resolv.conf is parsed for upstream resolvers.

This would make it possible to integrate third party daemons/servers for DNS related services (DNS-over-HTTPS proxy, DNS-over-TLS, etc.).


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