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Implement support for the Tinc VPN daemon
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I am running multiple vpn nodes based around the tinc vpn daemon (version 1.1pre16) that i am interested in migrating to vyos.
To do that it would be nice to have the Tinc VPN daemon implemented into the vyos cli.

short about tinc:
The TINC vpn daemon is a multi-site vpn implementation in software.
It handles all communication and tunnel setup to get the multi-site vpn up and running. it also supports NAT Traversal on both ends and can use TCP and UDP to transport data between nodes.

in linux it supports generating tunnels on both L3 Tun interfaces and L2 TAP interfaes to generate a "ethernet-like" segment over vpn. It is also possible to bridge tap interfaces with real ethernet interfaces.

The daemon uses config files inside /etc/tinc.. and stores all private / public keys in clear text files. it also supports automatically adding new public-keys from "new" members in the vpn, but i think this would be harder to implement into vyos.
The daemon in versjon 1.1 also supports reading vpn status, logs, showing topology graphs and online reloading of configration files.

github repo:

Have there been any discussions regarding implementing this prior to my request?
and/or is there any interest in getting this implemented into vyos?


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there were no requests for this and no plans to implement this

runar added a comment.Aug 15 2018, 6:38 AM

i will try to do some work on implementing this if its possible to get it upstream if i succeed?

I already have a compiled version for for both 1.1.8 and 1.2.0 running , so its mostly packaging (src-)deb and developing the menu-system

syncer triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Sep 1 2018, 2:57 PM

@runar can't prohibit you to do so,
but will advise focussing on 1.2 only

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