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Python management library is not Python3 compatible
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Now when most distros have python3 in their repos and a few already made it the default, not supporing python3 is no longer an option. Both 3 and 2.7 (and no older) should be supported.

The main offender is old style exception syntax. You may consider running it through the 2to3 tool to simplify migration.


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Normal (likely a few hours)

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I think this task can be closed

Your core dependecy exscript is not compatible with python3. It seems like someone started working on it but didn't finish and abandoned the port. I guess you don't want to port it, so I guess python3 support is on hold for now :/

@afics so maybe py3 support should be on hold...but this task just about py2 style exception syntax therefore this task is finished,right?

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This should be moved to paramiko