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BUG: Forget password for does not reset password
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I used a randomized password suggested by LastPass and used that to register an account on (I've already activated my account via email).
My password is incorrect when I try to login as I must have changed a character or put an extra character in during signup.

I click on "Forgot Password" to reset my password and I followed the instructions

I click on the link in my email but it does not actually reset my password. Instead it just says that I should click on a button to login and then go into my account settings to change my password.

The problem is that I don't know my old password so I cannot reset my account password to something I know.


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you are right, it seems to be a bug on the phabricator side
Let me check if there are workarounds

we are 7 commits behind
i will update our install later today

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@ckim44 you now should be able change password