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Decimal notation on OSPFv3 passes validation but fails commit.
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From the help:

# set protocols ospfv3 area
Possible completions:
 > <0-4294967295>
                OSPFv3 area in decimal notation
 > <x.x.x.x>    OSPFv3 area in dotted decimal notation

The validation for decimal notation passes, but fails to commit

vyos@vyos# set protocols ospfv3 area 1234 interface eth0
vyos@vyos# commit
[ protocols ospfv3 area 1234 interface eth0 ]
% Unknown command: interface eth0 area 1234

[[protocols ospfv3]] failed
Commit failed

The dotted notation works as expected:

vyos@vyos# set protocols ospfv3 area interface eth0
vyos@vyos# commit


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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This issue existed in Quagga as well, so I'm simply disallowing decimal notation.

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