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Apr 10 2020, 1:52 PM (62 w, 3 d)

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Apr 10 2020

cse342 added a comment to T1866: Commit archive over SFTP doesn't work with non-standard ports.

I did dive a bit deeper in this issue and found another workaround.
It seems to only occur when a sftp or scp host is specified with a different port than the default port.
The command "ssh-keyscan" is provided with the host in form of "hostname:port" which it doesn't resolve to an ssh-rsa key.
ssh-keyscan needs apparently the option "-p PORT" in order to write the host key of the remote sftp/scp server to the known hosts file.
To add a host to the known hosts file I ran the following command:

Apr 10 2020, 8:07 PM · VyOS 1.4 Sagitta, VyOS 1.3 Equuleus