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Make VyOS generate "ip[v6] protocol bgp route-map foo"


In T132 adding the "set src" command to a route-map was added. however so far it's not possible to set it for the bgp protocol (neither for ipv4 nor ipv6).

foo@bar# set protocols static
Possible completions:
   route-map    Filter routes installed in local route map
foo@bar# set protocols bgp
Possible completions:
 > <1-4294967294>
                AS number
 > 64500
foo@bar# set protocols bgp 64500
Possible completions:
 > address-family
                BGP address-family parameters
 > maximum-paths
                BGP multipaths
+> neighbor     BGP neighbor
 > parameters   BGP parameters
+> peer-group   BGP peer-group
 > timers       BGP protocol timers

It's possible to set it directly via vtysh:

bar# conf t
bar(config)# ip protocol
any         bgp         eigrp       kernel      openfabric  rip         static      vnc
babel       connected   isis        nhrp        ospf        sharp       table
bar(config)# ip protocol bgp route-map RM4-SET-SRC

The possibility to set this FRR config from vyos should be added.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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m4rg4sh created this task.Jul 15 2019, 8:56 PM

I'm no vyos expert but something along these lines should do it:

Fix is untested, just some late night hacking :)

Oh I just noticed: "set src" in a route-mao only works for ipv4 addresses in vyos, according to a friend FRR does support ipv6 though...

pasik added a subscriber: pasik.Jul 16 2019, 9:49 AM
syncer assigned this task to rherold.Aug 30 2019, 11:57 PM
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