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It's over 9000! Super Jumbo Frame Support
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Most switches and NICs nowadays support an MTU slightly over 9000 (Usually 9214 or 9216) to allow for encapsulation of protocols inside to have an MTU of 9000. My (and most new) hardware supports it, so I'm wondering if the hard limit of 9000 in VyOS can be lifted.


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Don't some 10G/40G/100G gear support some megajumbo frame sizes now as well? Not sure about the 2.5/5G stuff though...

All of ours do as far as I know, which includes 10,40, and 100g. I'm pretty sure 2.5g and 5g will as well.

Limit can and should be lifted. I have also some Mellanox or Myricom cards with an MTU up to 16k

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