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Configurable Negative TTL caching in forwarder
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Currently we don't have a way to set this,
so in Active Directory environment, when you use VyOS as dns forwarder,
in case when VyOS resolves some fqdn to NXDOMAIN it will cache it for long time,
that makes troubles in certain situations.
We need to have this configurable


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@syncer this seems to be the option, plese correct if wrong.


Default: 3600
A query for which there is authoritatively no answer is cached to quickly deny a record's existence later on, without putting a heavy load on the remote server. In practice, caches can become saturated with hundreds of thousands of hosts which are tried only once. This setting, which defaults to 3600 seconds, puts a maximum on the amount of time negative entries are cached.

If that‘s rhe case adding is done in 10 minutes

syncer assigned this task to c-po.May 21 2018, 7:41 AM

Yes, that is correct option

c-po added a comment.EditedMay 21 2018, 9:32 AM

Commands will be:

cpo@LR1# set service dns forwarding
Possible completions:
   negative-ttl Maximum amount of time negative entries are cached

cpo@LR1# set service dns forwarding negative-ttl
Possible completions:
   0-7200       Seconds to cache NXDOMAIN entries

This adds the following snipped to recursor.conf if value set to 7200

# negative TTL for NXDOMAIN
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