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auth-user-pass authentication in OpenVPN
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Currently VyOS does not support user password authentication, it is possible to make it work using openvpn-options only after commenting out checks in /opt/vyatta/share/perl5/Vyatta/OpenVPN/ It would be great if an option was added to the CLI that allows the user to pick between cert based or password based authentication. This mode would bypass the checks for shared-secret-file, tls key, and TLS cert-file as they are not required for auth-user-pass authentication.

More info here:

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Normal (likely a few hours)

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Maybe make the tls cert-file and key-file complete optional, this way other advanced options can be used for openvpn by using "openvpn-option", such as pkcs11 support mentioned in T56

Although, adding proper support for password authentication would ofcourse be much cleaner.

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