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Document the process to build and test kernel images
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The process and requirements (current) to compile and produce bootable kernel images should be documented. Any tools used (ex. qemu) and methods to build readily bootable ISO images, or disk images to supply as base fielsystem. Having the ability to product a raw filesystem image would also help test user-land changes on their own.

At the moment there is no documentation for this process.

Suggested coverage:

  1. Host/development system requirements for kernel testing.
  2. Bootstrapping of the build environment
  3. Preferred patching approach, connections to repositories, etc.
  4. Where to find things: kconfigs, etc.
  5. Required/core kernel options needed regardless of any changes.
  6. Steps to build a kernel package and a standalone image.
  7. Examples of building or loading a VyOS userland filesystem image together with the test kernel.


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Kernel related part is located here:
The rest is here:

If someone wants to improve docs, feel free to do this.