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Inconsistency in community-list naming validation
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There appears to be some inconsistency in the name validation for community-lists.

It is possible to create a community-list with a textual name. They can then be used to filter on prefixes using show ipv6 bgp community-list but it is not possible to use it in a route-map rule.

Example community-list configuration that is accepted:

community-list rpki-invalid {
    rule 10 {
        action permit
        regex 60927:666

But adding it to a route-map rule is not possible, this causes the following error:

vyos@r1# set policy route-map test-route-map rule 1 set comm-list comm-list rpki-invalid

  "rpki-invalid" is not a valid value of type "u32"
  Value validation failed
  Set failed



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Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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Any reason extcommunity-list and community-list doesnt support the same naming scheme?

vyos@vyos-gns3# set policy community-list T_EST description hello
vyos@vyos-gns3# set policy extcommunity-list T_EST description world

  Should be alphanumeric name
  Value validation failed
  Set failed

This is an FRR limitation.
FRR allows you only to delete the comm-list.

r1-roll# conf t
r1-roll(config)# bgp community-list expanded rpki-invalid permit 60927:666
r1-roll(config)# route-map test-route-map permit 10

r1-roll(config-route-map)# set comm-list rpki-invalid 
% Command incomplete: set comm-list rpki-invalid

r1-roll(config-route-map)# set comm-list rpki-invalid 
  delete  Delete matching communities