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disable/enable interface with dhcp ip assignement fails to restart dhclient
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With the following interface configuration, once an IP address is acquired another IP address is not acquired until next reboot.

ethernet eth0 {
        address dhcp
        description "wan"
        duplex auto
        hw-id 0c:c4:7a:db:ef:8c
        smp-affinity auto
        speed auto

Plugged the interface into multiple DHCP sources without success. Disabled and re-enabled the interface, interface stays blank, with no IP address. Even restarting networking via linux command line does nothing.


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Have you checked on the server DHCP server side for issues?

Yes, no issues on either DHCP server. All other clients on the network perform as expected.

@ekim I think I found it. When I put the interface into disabled mode and then delete disabled, the dhcp client isn't started anymore if the address is supposed to be received via dhcp, correct?

You can try: or the rolling iso which is being built tonight.

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That’s correct, when deleting disable from the interface config. Additionally, It doesn’t seem like dhclient gets triggered when a physical interface is unplugged then plugged back into that same port, but should receive a new address as a different dhcp serving a different dinner is available

@ekim Yeah, that is a known issue I was looking into a while ago already. disable/enable in eth interfaces should now work in the latest rolling, the plug-in and unplug will still need a little. I'll keep this task here open for it.

All right @ekim I have that feature working in an experimental package. If you want to test it you can build it from here: via dpkg-buildpackage -b -tc -uc -us and install it on any rolling iso. I used the latest for my tests, but it should work on older ones too. It will still take a little time to have that pushed into the normal build process, since it requires some integration work.

@ekim should address the dhcp issue, can you please test? I only tested on VMs yet.

Absolutely -- I'll test it next week!

vyos-1.2.0-rolling+201901181924-amd64.iso fixed it for me.