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DHCP relay relay-agents-packets is dysfunctional
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In current versions of VyOS relay-agents-packets in DHCP relay is dysfunctional due to misconfiguration.
If option is set, configuration script only add -m [value]to dhcrelay command:

if conf.exists('relay-agents-packets'):
    pkt = '-m ' + conf.return_value('relay-agents-packets')


But, this is not enough. According to Debian manual page, we also need to add -a key.

This is confirming also by dhcrelay source. Default value of add_agent_options is zero and can be changed only by -a key. And if add_agent_options is not 1, then whole add_relay_agent_options function, where performing processing of relayed packets with Relay Agent Information option, is skipped.

So, we need to add also -a option to command if relay-agents-packets is configured.


Difficulty level
Easy (less than an hour)
1.2.0-LTS, 1.2.0-rolling+201902080337
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
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