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Cloud Auto VPN feature
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I propose to add auto vpn feature
which will allow auto set-up of VPNs with public clouds/private clouds/sdn solutions/etc
guided setup which creates required objects via api providing

Provides information to AWS about your VPN customer gateway device. The customer gateway is the appliance at your end of the VPN connection. (The device on the AWS side of the VPN connection is the virtual private gateway.) You must provide the Internet-routable IP address of the customer gateway's external interface. The IP address must be static and may be behind a device performing network address translation (NAT).

python library for aws -

Similar way should exist in GCP and Azure(i hope so)
Another case is VMWare NSX, integration will be handy to have for NFV certification

I invite everybody to discuss this


Difficulty level
Hard (possibly days)

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I have a python script which will read a VPN Connection configuration from a Virtual Gateway and emit VyOS commands to configure it as a client to that VPN connection.

The script is available here:

The juiciest part, where the ipsec tunnels actually get configured, is probably configure_ipsec_tunnels at line 212.

It's part of code to setup VPN's between multiple VPC's.

I'd love to contribute this to the project.

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