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LLDP wrong config generation for interface 'all'
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LLDP behaves incorrectly when used with interface 'all'.

LLDP is inactive on all interfaces by default.
If I use

delete service lldp
set service lldp

LLDP becomes active on all interfaces. I'm unsure if this is what is supposed to happen, but this is not the bug yet.
If I use

delete service lldp
set service lldp interface eth1
set service lldp interface all disable

LLDP is still active on eth1, though I think it should be disabled.

If I use

delete service lldp
set service lldp interface all

LLDP becomes inactive on all interfaces. This should not happen.

The problem arises from different representation and missing translation of the 'all' interface in conf_mode and in lldpd config syntax.
conf_mode uses the word 'all' while lldpd config uses an asterisk '*'.

The template in vyos-1x:./src/conf_mode/ does not convert from 'all' to '*' and so lldpd is looking for an interface named 'all' which it cannot find.

The same goes for set service interface all disable. lldpd tries to disable service for the interface named 'all', which it cannot find, but leaves it enabled for any other interface.

But why does it enable lldp on all interfaces when only specifying service lldp but without any interface?
The reason lies in the default behavior of lldpd: if started without any interface specified, it services all interfaces.

PR is here


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