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Can not add user to group via configuration
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In previous releases 1.2.x I can add users to additional groups. But now this feature disappeared.

vyos@vyos# set system login user test 
Possible completions:
> authentication
              Password authentication
 full-name    Full name of the user (use quotes for names with spaces)
              Home directory

vyos@vyos# set system login user test group floppy

  Configuration path: system login user test [group] is not valid
  Set failed


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)

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c-po claimed this task.

Why you would line to add a user to an additional group?

I prefer build images with some additional packages, such as cups. For example in order to administer printer I should add user to group lpadmin. In releases 1.2.x it was easy, but now I necessary after each update do it manually.

Why install the remote print sharing service on the router and use cups, you must install the printer driver on the cups server to make it work. VyOS is not a general server operating system, so you should install cups on a physical server or virtual server

Yes I know that I must install printer driver. I successfully solved this problem long time ago by using additional partition. And YES I KNOW that VyOS is not a general server operating system. But some time convenient use ONE universal host instead two or more.

If your device supports virtualization, you can consider running both VyOS and cups servers in KVM (there are many open source projects that can do this, such as Proxmox Ve)

@vlesk once container support is added you have a better way by usibg a dedicates container on your VyOS installation.

@Viacheslav is working on it

Ok. I will try to use containers, this good idea.
Containers will be more predictable and stable I suppose.