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Option to disable HTTP port 80 redirect
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By default as seen in vyos-1x/data/templates/https/nginx.default.tmpl nginx listens on port 80 and there is no way to override this.

I am trying to run a container that has a web server on port 80 which is conflicting with the VyOS nginx server.

There should be a configuration option to disable the HTTP redirect.

What I'm thinking is an option such as:

set service https api http-redirect disable

Does an option like this seem reasonable?


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Unknown (require assessment)
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@artooro This sounds reasonable, and I don't imagine a problem, though I have yet to try it; if you would like to submit a pull request with fix, I will review.

Thanks @jestabro this seems like a good place to start learning VyOS internals, will give it a go when I have some off time and submit a pull request.