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Problem after commit with errors
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I have found problem with starting VyOS router after commiting wrong sequence of configuration set's.
This behavior occurs when we do the example configuration set's in GUI.
set firewall group network-group FW-OUT network ''
set firewall group network-group FW-OUT network ''

next "commit"

VyOS display an error message "set firewall group network-group FW-OUT network ''
set firewall group network-group FW-OUT network '' "

This is correct because network is in a range, but when at this moment I run command "save" this configuration is written in config.boot file. So VyOS apply after commit wrong sets into memory and when I press "save" this configuration is written into config.boot file. Then this VyOS router doesn't start properly because it stops when is parsing configuration file (line by line) after find wrong network definition. In this case is only one problem resolution, after any warnings in commit command we need do command "commit discard" and apply correct set's with GUI then save this configuration. Could you explain this behavior?

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Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible

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requires testing against 1.2 rolling
please retest and provide findings


The problem is still present.

//vyos@vyos:~$ configure
vyos@vyos# set firewall group network-group FW-OUT network ''
vyos@vyos# set firewall group network-group FW-OUT network ''
vyos@vyos# commit
[ firewall group network-group FW-OUT ]
Error: member [] already exists in [FW-OUT]

vyos@vyos# commit
No configuration changes to commit
vyos@vyos# exit//

After that all network-group is present in the active configuration file.

  • snip -----

// network-group FW-OUT {

  • snip -----

I made tests on the last available version 1.2.0-rolling + 201812050337

Best regards


In addition, when trying to delete these entries from the configuration

//vyos @ vyos: ~ $ configure
vyos @ vyos # delete firewall group network-group FW-OUT
vyos @ vyos # commit
[firewall group network-group FW-OUT]
Error: group [FW-OUT] does not exists


After that the network-group FW-OUT is not present in the configuration file.

So there is a problem with validation

Bet regards

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Confirmed in 1.2.0-rolling+201902250337.
I think we must allow adding overlapped networks/address into the same set, as ipset allows to do this. Maybe situations, where this will be necessary, are rare (for example, resizing network size defined in set), but there is no clear reason to deny such combinations.


Confirmed it's still happening in VyOS 1.2.0 LTS

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I can confirm that the issue of accepting configurations that yield errors is present in the latest LTS (1.2.6) and latest rolling release (1.4-202101240218). However, I couldn't replicate the issue of the configuration parser breaking at startup. Do we want to prevent the user from committing erroneous input at the risk of annoying false positives?

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It's better to let this problem be solved by the migration to pftables (per T3286) instead of try and a band-aid over this isolated issue.

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