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Auto logout user after a period of inactivity
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Auto logout user (TTY PTS) after a period of inactivity
Ability to terminate interactive sessions after a period of inactivity and allows users to terminate their own authenticated session.

TMOUT variable to a number in seconds you wish for bash/shell to wait before automatically logging out the shell if no command is run.
For example 10 min

[email protected]:~$ sudo cat /etc/profile.d/
#!/usr/bin/env bash

readonly TMOUT
export TMOUT
[email protected]:~$

After 10 min

[email protected]:~$ timed out waiting for input: auto-logout
Connection to closed.

Proposed CLI

set system login autologout 300


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close
Is it a breaking change?
Unspecified (possibly destroys the router)
Issue type
Unspecified (please specify)

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