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Traffic-policy (shaper), returns: 'lowdelay unknown DSCP value'
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eg: applying.....

class 70 {

    bandwidth 4%
    burst 15k
    ceiling 98%
    match lowdelay {
        ip {
            dscp lowdelay
            protocol tcp
    priority 6
    queue-type fair-queue

we get: "lowdelay" unknown DSCP value


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Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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Bug confirmed in 1.2.0-rolling+201902250337. Current way of checking values accept only that names, which is returned by cat /etc/iproute2/rt_dsfield (source). Currently with kernel 4.19.20-amd64-vyos this is:

# Differentiated field values
# These include the DSCP and unused bits
0x0	default
# Newer RFC2597 values
0x28	AF11
0x30	AF12
0x38	AF13
0x48	AF21
0x50	AF22
0x58	AF23
0x68	AF31
0x70	AF32
0x78	AF33
0x88	AF41
0x90	AF42
0x98	AF43
# Older values RFC2474
0x20	CS1
0x40	CS2
0x60	CS3
0x80	CS4
0xA0	CS5
0xC0	CS6
0xE0	CS7
# RFC 2598
0xB8	EF

Need to change way of checking or remove unavailable values.