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Netflow: generate ASNs from the uacctd BGP thread.


At this time it's possible generate ASNs only from network file list, if file exist /etc/pmacct/networks.lst.

  1. I'v found a bug: it is doesn't work until you add a "uacctd_as: file" option in configuration file.
  2. I'v make a patch to add functionality generate ASNs from BGP thread.

From pmacct documentation this is a basic working configuration:
pmacctd_as: bgp
bgp_daemon: true
bgp_agent_map: /path/to/
bgp_daemon_port: 17917

The bgp_daemon_port can be changed from the standard BGP port (179/TCP) in order to
co-exist with other BGP routing software which might be running on the same host.
Furthermore, they can safely peer each other by using as bgp_daemon_ip.
In pmacctd, bgp_agent_map does the trick of mapping to the IP address of
the BGP peer (ie. 'id= ip='); this setup, while generic,
was tested working in conjunction with Quagga 0.99.14. Following a relevant fragment
of the Quagga configuration:

router bgp Y
bgp router-id X.X.X.X
neighbor remote-as Y
neighbor port 17917
neighbor update-source X.X.X.X

I'v created a bgp-daemon template in path: system netflow-accounting, and all necessary changes for generation config file and bgp_agent_map. My changes also fix bug described above.


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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According to pmacct configuration, this looks good. We need to check code, and if all is correct I propose to merge this into rolling for testing.
Just the one nuance. Currently, VyOS CLI doesn't allow to set a BGP neighbor to the local IP address. If we accept this patch, then it will be good to remove this restriction.

maznu added a subscriber: maznu.Sep 23 2019, 3:31 PM

Why does this BGP neighbor need to be configred in the VyOS CLI? Wouldn't it be added automatically as a side-effect of wanting netflow data to have ASNs? Maybe add a flag to netflow, for those of us who are carrying full tables.