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A development VM
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  • git
  • essentials


  • configurable upon deploy:
    • cpu/mem (preset to optimal compiling specs)
    • network / hostname / interface
  • test-lab integration:
    • integration to easily submit compiled package to VM and auto-install
    • similar for iso images if possible

Maybe specific hardware types could use their own quick-deployment integration (clearfrog...)?


Difficulty level
Hard (possibly days)

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What we need for certain, other than git and build-essential, assuming the base system is minimal install:

live-build, python-pip, devscripts (that's where debuild comes from), sudo, real vim (as opposed to vim-tiny that may come with minimal setups), nano for people who hate vim, mc for people who can't get over two panel file managers, aptitude (apart from apt-get), Ada toolchain (gnat, gprbuild).

I guess if we have this, we may start using a VM deployed from that template and see what else is missing.

giandvd added a subscriber: giandvd.Jul 4 2016, 9:54 PM

I made a thing that'll generate for you the development VM I'm currently using:

You can then run build-vyos and it'll make a VyOS ISO which you can test in QEMU from within the VM.

I think it's a great starting point.

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@dmbaturin can you check
can we put this maybe under contrib or etc like with management library

@giandvd you definitely need to add this to wiki with step-by-step instructions


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