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UI if do it, how it should look like?
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Asked by syncer on Mar 2 2016, 3:40 AM.


so there were few talks about UI, including some old Vyatta UI.
Just wondering what would we like to have there?
So many use cases out there, on what we should focus?


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Updated 2,238 Days Ago

What about re-enabling old web UI? Do some redesign of frontend, make things look more modern, add some \@media in css, to make it work in mobile devices, cleanup backend, may be throw away lex/yacc part when vyconf will be ready nd it will be Ok?

Updated 2,155 Days Ago

I have might missed this in previous tracks of conversations but since we know that everyone will most probably want a different flavour of UI why not approach this differently ? Why not have API calls ( configurable with appropriate security ) and then enable people to build UIs on top of this base of APIs .

Then what we could focus on would be making let's say base dashboard UI which will be modular enough to be extended by needs of people ( kinda plugin architecture )

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