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Bond member description change leads to network outage
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When a new bond interface is configured with LACP mode it inherits its MAC address from the first active member interface. When more interfaces are added VyOS automatically overrides their MAC address to the same MAC address that was previously set to that bond interface. In other words, at the end both bonding interface and all its members are configured with the same MAC address. This is required for bonding to work.
Unfortunately that automatic MAC address changes are not reflected in the config file in "hw-id". As result, any interface change (e.g. description) and commit could lead to MAC address change and connection lost. Only the interface that was configured as bond member as first is not affected by this misbehaviour (its MAC address is the same as bond's MAC address).

Proposed solution:
MAC address changes for bond member interfaces should be skipped/disabled.


Difficulty level
Normal (likely a few hours)
1.2 and 1.3
Why the issue appeared?
Implementation mistake
Is it a breaking change?
Perfectly compatible

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To clarify the hw-id tag. This is the only way VyOS scripts know what interface to give what name on bootup, as the boot-order of nics could be different on every reboot (potentially) vyos needs a way to identify the "correct" order of the nics when it boots. if you remove the hw-id tag from the interface the configuration script don't know what interface to give the configuration to, so you could potentially get nic-reordering on every single reboot.

The other use of this variable is to "reset" the mac address on the interface when the interface have had a custom mac address. The reason for this is that the kernel does not keep track on the burnt-in mac addresses on the nics, and the functionality for identifying burned-in mac's are optional to include in a nic.

So, the hw-id needs to be there, it should not be removed and this is not the fault of hw-id.
To fix this the configuration script for the interface needs to be inspected to find the fault and make it not to change the mac on the interface when it's in a bond.

I hope this clarify's the use of the hw-id parameter :)

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@runar, thanks for clarification! I will change the initial description accordingly.

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I think the way to do this is in src/conf-mode/ in apply(), don't change the interfaces mac if eth['is_bond_member'] is set.

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@jjakob, yes, thank you.
PR for 1.3:
I will summit PR for 1.2 once 1.3 is released and tested.

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