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Cannot add ethernet vif-s vif-c interface to bridge-group
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I needed to bridge a qnq sub-vlan interface on one port (i.e. eth0.499.30) to a normal vlan interface on another port (i.e. eth1.30), so I created bridge br30, then set the bridge-group bridge to br30 on the normal vlan interface eth1.30, then set the bridge-group bridge to br30 on the qnq sub-vlan interface eth0.499.30, but when commiting the configuration change, the commit fails to set the bridge-group on the qnq sub-vlan interface.


sudo brctl addif br30 eth0.499.30

connects the interface to the bridge as expected, and testing shows that the interfaces/system are performing as expected.

Additional Info:
I'm using the VMware OVA version 1.1.8 as released on the site. This installation is on a DoD classified network, so I cannot retrieve any files or data from the system whatsoever! Also, it cannot be connected to the Internet to download updates, so our only option is to use a workaround until a new iso is released with a fix included.

Steps to reproduce:
Deploy VMware OVA with 2 network interfaces

set interface bridge 'br30'
set interface ethernet eth0 vif-s 499 vif-s 30 
set interface ethernet eth0 vif-s 499 vif-c 30 bridge-group bridge br30
set interface ethernet eth1 vif 30
set interface ethernet eth1 vif 30 bridge-group bridge br30


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Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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Sorry for bad english.

The problem does not exist in EPA3, with vif-s and vif-c non zero.
This code (lines 188-190 in work wrong when vif-s or vif-c is zero, because zero is false in condition.

$path .= " vif $self->{vif}" if ($self->{vif} && !$self->{vif_c});
$path .= " vif-s $self->{vif} vif-c $self->{vif_c}" if
    ($self->{vif} && $self->{vif_c});

After this fix all works as expected

$path .= " vif $self->{vif}" if (defined($self->{vif}) && !defined($self->{vif_c}));
$path .= " vif-s $self->{vif} vif-c $self->{vif_c}" if
    (defined($self->{vif}) && defined($self->{vif_c}));
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