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TFTP server functionality
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It would be great to add TFTP functionality to the VyOS distro with configuration by CLI. This is very important when thin clients are used in the office and they need to download the boot image.


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By this you mean VyOS should act as TFTP server and provide files to clients?

*sidenode* Cisco ISO supports this, too. Here it's used for embedded Call Managed to provide IP Phone configurations.

+1 from me

@plastilin willing to contribute this?

I agree that this is a good idea, especially for small offices.

If you are going to do this, then there's the related issue of whether or not to put in PXE/gPXE/iPXE related stuff to support netbooting things.

@Asteroza can you add the approriate Task here in the comments?

+1 here as for small ISP.
Needed features (at least):

  • choose interface to listen on
  • choose directory to serve
  • toggle read-only/read-write access

Would-be-great features:

  • View connections log
  • View current connections

Added a child feature request for iPXE.

read-write access for backing up/deploying managed switch configuration files would be nice

[email protected]# show service tftp-server
Possible completions:
   allow-upload Allow TFTP file uploads
   directory    Folder containing files served by TFTP [REQUIRED]
+  listen-address
                Addresses for TFTP server to listen [REQUIRED]
   port         Port for TFTP service
set service tftp-server allow-upload
set service tftp-server directory '/config/tftproot'
set service tftp-server listen-address ''
set service tftp-server listen-address ''
set service tftp-server listen-address '2001:db8::1'
set service tftp-server port '100'
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