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In the FRR image community-list is not handled correctly
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At reboot community-list entries are not visible in vtysh.
Adding new afterwards seems to work however.
But editing an existing does not work.

The issue seems to be in /opt/vyatta/sbin/
sub update_community_list

Editing a community-list begins with deleting the old one, so all changes and deletes are handled correctly.
But in FRR this is not possible.

(config)# no ip community-list 7
% Command incomplete: no ip community-list 7

You have to specify the complete line
no ip community-list 7 permit 65001:123

So this i cannot easily try a fix, we need to now the existing rules, or work through the changes.

The manual shows that it should still be possible.
no ip community-list [standard|expanded] NAME

But the running FRR 5.1-dev in this image only had the following;
(config)# no ip community-list 7

deny    Specify community to reject
permit  Specify community to accept


Difficulty level
Unknown (require assessment)
Why the issue appeared?
Will be filled on close

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This is still a problem with vyos 1.2.0-rc2.

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I've made a workaround for it. I've also reported the root cause to FRR: