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Convert 'ping' operation from vyatta-op to new syntax
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While the ping wrapper (with juniper-like options) seems trivial to rewrite in python, the node.def structure raises questions, so I'd like to hear some input from maintainers.
There is a 'recursive' symlinking of node.tag to itself, which makes a nice trick of 'infinite' options syntax possible:

~/dev/vyos/vyatta-op/templates/ping current
❯ tree .
├── node.def
└── node.tag
    ├── node.def
    └── node.tag
        ├── node.def
        └── node.tag -> ../node.tag/

What is the best way to approach that in new xml syntax?


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alkersan triaged this task as Normal priority.Aug 21 2019, 6:41 AM
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@alkersan I think you need to create the link via Makefile in vyos-1x. At least I don't know of any possibility doing that within the xml.